chezem hikers 1200 bannerChezem.com is my site for The Chezem Studio, established: 1987. It showcases my Fine Art, Portraits, Posters, Paintings and Illustrations. My focus is Science Fiction / Fiction Illustration, and my current pursuit; Children’s Books and Book Illustration.

I am a traditionally trained Artist who picked up the Airbrush in school and went on to be a commercial Illustrator and Art Director. I started experimenting with Digital Art Tools in the mid-’80s. I hung up my airbrushes and paints in 1990 and switched to Photoshop. In the 90’s I picked up 3D-CGI software and developed my first digital workflow. I employ Photoshop and Painter for my 2D tools, and my 3D tools include LightWave, Vue-Infinite, ZBrush and KeyShot.

I’m currently working on my Children’s Book Series: “The Adventures of Mischievous Mildred, The Fun Loving Cat”. Based on our real-world crazy cat, Mildred, along with her sister Myrtle and cousin Fifi, who live with my wife and I in our home in the woods.

Also in development is a children’s book featuring the adventures of Daisy and Weena, my sister’s two hairless rat-terriers.

I’m currently preparing and uploading more artwork. If the site is down, it will return shortly. Refresh your cache, and you can also use the subscription form in the Footer or the Contact Form page, to be notified when the site is more complete.